May 5 2011: Gulyamdzhan Yakubov and Ahmedzhan Dadaev (1985)

As found in a box of random things at Colwick on Sunday, two 7″ singles on a local (according to my Cyrillic-reading informant Martin, who maintains the excellent Melodija blog from his base in Tallinn) Uzbekistan imprint of the Soviet State record label, issued around 1985 but sounding pretty timeless. Both feature different artists, one presumably an instrumentalist (Ahmedzhan Dadaev), the other a singer (Gulyamdzhan Yakubov) of Uzbek folk, which sounds (to my untrained ears, anyway) very similar in tone to much of what I’ve heard from Egypt, Turkey and other South European/North African traditions. Information is apparently sparse even when searching for it online in Cyrillic, so not much to add here, except that these are both very good records of wonderfully hypnotic music.

How these records ended up in Colwick is probably a whole other story in itself.

                                                                                Ahmedzhan Dadaev (1985)  *

Gulyamdzhan Yakubov (1985) *

* Click on the starred links to hear one track from each record.


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