May 7 2011: The Garden (Miniature Village: Date and Location Unknown)


“What was it about the English and miniature villages back then? I didn’t see many of them when I was last in the country but when I was over with Alice in 1973 these things seemed to have sprung up everywhere. Lavishly detailed scale models built with miniature stones, real shrunk-down cement, slates and cobbles. Plywood doll-houses looking like they’d been hand-crafted in garages and hastily set up in fields next to roadside cafes – the ‘Blue Peter’ ones, Alice called those. There were miniature villages with little people and tiny cars, horses and carts. There were thatched villages with airports, even. You name it. These things were all over the place then, and always had a few people looking around them, happily whiling an afternoon away, feeling like Gulliver in Lilliput, I guess…”

                                                                                                            Cy Albertine: On The Record (1993)


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