May 16 2011: A Quartet of Postcards (1956 – 1960)

A Quartet of Postcards relates to an earlier gathering of gnomic writings from the reverse sides of these randomly found correspondences, and as there, one of the points of interest lies in the sometimes odd relationship between the images on the fronts of these notes and the words they carry. The earlier piece can be read in a Nottingham Contemporary residency post Appropriations (I): Communiques from the Years of Revolt (1968 – 1971) – though as the (genuine) dates of the four texts below precede the earliest in that series by a few years perhaps A Quartet of Postcards (1956 – 1960) should be read as a prequel rather than a postscript.

Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex

30 Aug 1956

Dear Jane,

Sorry I didn’t write before, but we suddenly decided to go away. The weather could be better. In the hols so far I’ve had a racquet, seen a fire and an accident! I’ll explain at school (ha, ha!).

Love, Lesley 

This card has touched the relic of St. Margaret, treasured by the Ursulines in St. Margaret’s Convent, Whitehouse Loan, Edinburgh.

August, 1957.

 France (date and location unknown)

A most horrifying picture but what interesting history it holds, shame in a way that it is not still carried on nowadays. I am getting a lovely tan plus very sore back and shoulders. The Medi is a wonderful colour blue but it needs a lot of courage to plunge straight in. Hope you are having a lovely holiday before you start work, and that you’ve passed your exams.

Love, Rosemary

PS: Helena sends her love and will write when she at last arrives at her final destination.

Marmande, 29.3.60

Chere Jane,

J’attend toujours de nos nouvelles. Vous regarderez sur les enveloppes que je vous ai envoye il y a des timbres. Veuillez une les envoyes merci. Cette vue, se trouve a cinq cent metres de chez moi. La prochaine carte [illegible] le batiment au j’abite.




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