May 31 2011: British Petroleum Touring Service: Austria (Printed Sound Flexidisc, 1960s)

“The BP Touring Service has been designed to make touring abroad easier, more interesting, more enjoyable. BP’s choice of service stations covers almost all Europe and wherever you see the famous green and yellow shield, you can rely on automotive products and service of international repute. We hope that with the help of the BP Touring Service you have had a wonderful holiday; and that we shall be able to help you again when you next go touring abroad…” *

Printed in U.S.A. Termine En France. 

* The record itself (which still just about plays – though won’t do your stylus much good) offers a brief Austrian accordeon song, sentimental and sophisticated, just the thing to evoke a ‘continental’ ambience and inspire dreams of long beers, pretty maids and snowy mountains: the very dreams that BP’s Touring Service can help you to realise, today, it must be assumed.


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