June 6 2011: Street Litter, St Stephen’s Road and Sneinton Hollows, Nottingham

Sometimes I find things. Sometimes I’m looking for them, or at least for something interesting. Sometimes – on days like today, Sunday, for example – the things find me. After writing in yesterday’s post about a wedding photograph featuring axes, and finding memories of Oranges & Lemons coming to mind, that reflection on a game that concludes with a mimed decapitation was today (serendipitously?) followed by some kind of flytipping incident: various toys, games and books had been discarded in a small heap near the bottom of the road and scattered by wind and traffic, resulting in the sight of a near life-size doll’s head split, tyremarked and disembodied on the tarmac.

Nearby – perhaps because it was Sunday – lay a small copy of the New Testament & Psalms (presumably one of the Gideon Bible Society’s productions, whose resemblance to Mao’s Little Red Book seems oddly logical) then, a little further on, around a corner, an arm and hand that may or may not once have been attached to the doll’s head. Obviously, it’s annoying to see the street used as a dumping ground but in this instance, at least, it was a change from the usual Tesco bags, crisp packets and Burger King wrappers that are more often found blowing around the gutters and pavements. There’s something unsettling but intriguing about this chance gathering of objects and its timing… 


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