June 19 2011: A Career in Communications Engineering (Post Office Telecommunications, 1971)

To follow yesterday’s Raleigh careers leaflet, another publication with similar aims, this time selling the opportunities available in the Telecommunications Engineering division of the Post Office, from the same period: in this case, 1971. The illustrations inside the booklet show scenes from the workplace (including some leisure activities) and the text focuses on the structured training and apprenticeships available to prospective applicants, with a touch of hyperbolic excitement: “The world and space are the new spheres of operations for the Post Office”

Both leaflets were found in the same place, which perhaps suggests that someone in Nottingham, around 1972, was weighing the options available to him (perhaps her) after leaving school or FE college. You can gauge the general attitude of the time towards the future of the industry from the lines offering nothing less than “responsibility for the research, development, installation and maintainance of complex equipment on a vast scale, from telecommunications to automatic, high-speed mass mail handling” to those who may wish to “play a part as big as your talents will let you as an engineer”.


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