June 25 2011: Three Sepia Photographs of a Bridge Under Construction (Unknown Date and Location)

In a similar vein to yesterday’s sepia shots of a domestic building under construction, these three images of a wooden footbridge are equally difficult to pin down to a time or particular location. The middle image – showing some of the men working on the structure standing on the bridge itself – suggests clothing of a pre-war vintage, though it’s hard to see the exact details. The nature of the photographs themselves imply the 1920s or 30s, and it’s not easy to say why these were taken. As documentation of the building work or by a passing camera buff taking a few snaps of an interesting scene?

It’s also, in the first and final images, possible to see that the bridge spans a patch not of river or stream but dry land. Might this be due to the building work meaning the water the bridge crosses was diverted to enable their work, or that the bridge itself had some other purpose: as a purely decorative feature, perhaps spanning a Monet-style waterlily pond that would be added later, or crossing a still unbuilt miniature railway line? Again, and like those shots of a building site featured yesterday, they’re unusual images to find in an otherwise standard collection of domestic photographs.


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