June 26 2011: Thirteen Transparencies Showing Scenes From The Miners’ Strike (1984)

These thirteen images have been around for awhile, but seemed worth adding here for their specific connection to the 1956 East Midlands coalfields maps posted on June 8. They were found in a large wooden box of slides most of which related to Salvation Army activities. The pictures themselves look more like photographs by official union photographers or strike support groups than straightforward personal shots, which means they were probably produced to show at meetings where raising money and public awareness about strike activity was the main purpose. The canteen scenes, for example, almost certainly show the food kitchens set up for strikers and their families, while other images draw attention to the scale and spirit of the protests and marches, and contrast these with the disproportionate police presence deployed in response. The box, when found, strongly suggested a former owner with strong social interests: two other series of transparencies in the box showed illustrations from the history of the Salvation Army itself, and the effects of anti-semitism in Germany during the 1930s and 40s, so these – like the slides seen below – were probably used to give talks and lectures on those subjects.


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