July 12 2011: The Midland Group in Nottingham Topic Magazine (1968)

An intriguing snippet from a 1968 issue of Nottingham Topic magazine, featuring photographs from the opening of The Midland Group’s John Player sponsored Modern Art exhibition at their East Circus Street gallery in October or November 1968. Works by Roy Ascot (his first-prize winning Parameter IV) and Miguel Osmond (his second-prize winning painting Marriage) can be glimpsed in the background, alongside shots of the artists themselves, a variety of civic visitors and Sylvia Cooper, then the director of the Midland Group Gallery. At this point it was reputedly one of the best-equipped modern and contemporary art venues outside London (click on the image to enlarge).

A short summary of The Midland Group’s earlier history, taken from Guy Denison’s This is Your Nottingham (published in the early 1960s) is added below, to add a bit of background to the organisation for those unfamiliar with it.


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