July 17 2011: Georgi Hristov: Balkan Bulgarian Airlines 45 (Balkanton, c.1980s)

It’s hard to know quite what to make of this 45, an advertising record from a Communist state, which judging by its sound and production hails from the early to mid-1980s. It’s far from unique – both Poland and Czechoslovakia also issued 7″ records to promote airlines – and the fact that all those I know about are sung in the languages of those countries seems to rule out the possibility that this advertising was aimed at potential Western customers rather than domestic markets.

In the case of this Bulgarian effort, the song itself has overtones of library music and disco, and may have been the soundtrack for TV spots and other promotional uses, though I’ve been unable to confirm this for definite. As for the track itself, it’s titled ‘Wings’, and is pretty catchy, in a slightly better than average holiday song kind of way. The soundclip below features the version on the a-side, complete with Georgi Hristov’s Bulgarian vocals. The b-side is identical but plays as an instrumental:

Georgi Hristov: Balkan Bulgarian Airlines 45


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