Aug 15 2011: Ligotaji and Divpadsmit Asaras from Juras Balss by Raimonds Pauls (Melodija, 1974)

Juras Balss, issued on the Soviet State Record label Melodija in 1974, isn’t the kind of LP that tends to turn up in the UK, despite having been quite a popular item on its home territory. So thanks to the internet and the international postal system, a trade with all round good egg Martin Joela in Tallinn, Estonia, was necessary to secure a copy: Martin’s excellent Melodija blog has been mentioned before, and some background information on Raimonds Pauls and the record itself can be found here, too.

The key tracks involved in anyone wanting a copy of this record today are the rather marvellous Ligotaji, with its Get Carter style opening chords and subsequent atmospherics directly comparable to much of the material Ennio Morricone was composing and arranging around the same period, and Divpadsmit Asaras, a quieter piece built on yet more of that compelling electric harpsichord sound, albeit (this time) to more subtle effect. Ligotaji features the voice of Margarita Vilcāne while the vocal on Divpadsmit Asaras is performed by Nora Bumbiere.

Listen to both tracks on these links: Ligotaji (3m 34s) and Divpadsmit Asaras (2m 34s).


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