Aug 28 2011: Space Age Exploitation (Advertising from Valiant Comic, 1970 – 1972)

Two issues of Valiant comic, from 1970 and 1972, featuring a host of derivative comic strips (recognisable knock-offs of anything from The Bash Street Kids to Roy of the Rovers seem to be its staple material) put to their true service, which is carrying advertising for companies like Kellogg’s, Wall’s and others. I’m especially interested in the adverts exploiting the high profile of space exploration at this point in time – during the peak years between the 1969 moon landing and the tailing off of the Apollo programme after around 1973. Here, anything from replica astronaut badges to Revell spacecraft model kits, ‘astro light’ spinners to Sky Ray rocket lollies are pressed into service as means of drawing money from the pockets of children. The gallery below shows some of the adverts from the pages of these comics in which Space Age imagery is used.


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