Sep 19 2011: Five Views of the World Trade Center Under Construction (Circle Line Cruise Guide, c.1970)

“A site is never only where and what it is, but when. The nightclub I haunted in my teens is not the same nightclub that remains open under a different name on the same spot today, even though the cycles of fashion hint that its music and dress, its decorative style, may have been returned to something approximating what I knew in my own past. It will be a version recognisable to those who can only speculate on what that past must have been: uncluttered by the moments before and after, the interference of not belonging there, feeling out of place. Those attending this replica are fleeing their own present, just as we fled ours and constructed another, perhaps better, imaginary place in the midst of the real one these new cultural refugees now seem to yearn for and wish to evoke in their turn…”

Excerpt from: ‘Twelve Non-Specific Sites (for Georges Perec)’


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