Sep 25 2011: More Advertising from Pakistan Year Book 1969 (National Publishing House, 1969)

As promised, a follow up to yesterday’s gallery of advertising from The Pakistan Year Book (1969) featuring a further 26 images from the pages of this publication. As before, these seem revealing in relation to the push for modernity and industrialization in Pakistan – as in many other states – during the decade between the later 1950s and 1960s. Note also that the division between East and West Pakistan mentioned in some of these advertisements is due to the Year Book appearing before Bangladesh had finally separated itself from Pakistan, following a protracted war, and been founded as a separate state in 1971: two years after this publication appeared.

References to demands for independence in what is here called East Pakistan, or any clues as to the brutal suppression that would follow a declaration of independence by Bangladesh in 1971, are notable more by their absence than their significance.  But then, this Year Book is very much a work of propaganda,  aimed as much at the outside world as at Pakistan’s own citizens. The advertising and text continually stress achievements in science, industry and other modern developments: the adverts in this second selection cover everything from the manufacture of shoes to the availability of ENO indigestion remedies, from tractor dealerships and plastics to international travel with Japan Air Lines.


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