Oct 9 2011: Eleven Negatives Showing Black Light Houses, Gardens, Townscapes and Monuments (c.1938)

The final group of negative images includes mainly townscapes, landscapes, gardens and houses, including the lion chalk monument above, which echoes the subject of this earlier post featuring an amateur painting of the Uffington White Horse with birds. Lions reoccur in this series in views of Trafalgar Square (as seen in the London and Paris group posted here a couple of days ago) but generally these are a more sedate batch, focused primarily on unidentified towns, parks and other semi-rural and suburban vistas. Some show an occasional sign of industry, as in the railway lines and chimneys seen here, but mainly there’s a more pastoral emphasis in this sequence, with the most typical views featuring trees and follies, statues, rooftops and daylit skies rendered as nocturnal sheets of black, reminding me in passing of Rene Magritte’s The Empire Of Light (1947) in their casual inversion of day and night.


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