Oct 11 2011: The Woman Beautiful by Augusta Prescott (from Virtue’s Household Physician, c.1924)

It was a wise old philosopher who said to his daughter: “Keep young, my child, and you will keep beautiful”. To this he might have added, “Keep healthy and you will keep young.”

Youth, health and beauty are the three qualities sought by womankind. Perhaps in the triple quest, beauty stands first, but it is hard to think of beauty without roses and of roses without youth.

Keep healthy and you will keep young. You can cheat Father Time and actually hold him at bay. Follow this beauty quest patiently and faithfully and you will keep so young that none but the family Bible can testify how old you are.

A French writer of the days of Louis XI said: “Make beauty a virtue; strive for it; work for it steadily; keep at the beauty contest unceasingly; and do not give up ever – even though the task looks long and apparently hopeless.”

                                                                                                                                            Augusta Prescott (c.1924)


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