Oct 18 2011: Twenty Seven Advertisements from a Japanese Publication (Kyoto, October 1964)

These 27 advertising plates are taken from a programme related to theatrical Geisha performances at Pontocho in 1964, with some relationship to the Tokyo Olympic Games that same year: several of the stills of plays and performers are autographed, and individual Geishas’ cards are also inserted in the programme, so those images will appear in a future posting. For now, though, here are images that advertise Japanese hotels, products and lifestyles using the same appeal to modernity as those from the later Pakistan Year Book, posted here and here. Here, the modernity of post-war consumerism is sold alongside Imperial and Courtly tradition, most strikingly, perhaps, in the Geishas’ endorsement of the ‘Plastic Age’ seen in the advertising pitch for Royal’s Playing Cards in the gallery below. Still, the combination makes itself just as strongly felt elsewhere, as vacuum-cleaners, cars and international hotels are all pitched using the same blend of¬†traditional and modern images.


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