Oct 19 2011: Photographs from Geisha Performances (Pontocho, Kyoto, 1964)

To complete the archive of material from an envelope full of paraphernalia related to a 1964 trip to Japan, as undertaken by a certain Mr Ernest Dring of Attenborough, Nottinghamshire, and documented here in themed sections over the last few days, in galleries of ephemera and advertising, here are a final series of stills from a programme documenting Geisha performances in Ponto-cho, Kyoto, which includes an autographed portrait of one performer from the brochure, and an authentic, rather beautiful slip of paper that turned out to be that particular Geisha’s card, neatly inscribed with her name on the reverse. I can only assume Mr Dring (or a companion of his) acquired it before or after the performances depicted in these images, and either held onto it as a souvenir (or merely forgot about it) for the 50 years that passed between his filing of it inside an A4 envelope on his return, and that envelope surfacing, its contents fresh as they day they were put there, in the debris of a Nottingham house clearance earlier this year.


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