Oct 30 2011: Two Random Record Covers by Dinah Shore and Y Diliau (1950s/60s)

Sometimes the covers of records attract your attention in ways that the actual musical contents could never hope to live up to. Largely because neither of the records inside these covers is really worth pausing over, it seemed a good idea to archive the sleeves that had drawn my attention to them, albeit at no point with very high expectations of the listening experience to be found inside. That’s not to say Dinah Shore doesn’t have her moments, but the 78rpm album whose cover is seen here covers her more generic easy listening material rather than her occasionally jazzier leanings, which is something of a shame, really. Still, it’s a lovely sleeve, and these 78rpm albums don’t turn up that often – and when they do usually have the brittle discs broken.

As for Y Diliau, this Welsh language children’s EP could, I suspect, have been far more intriguing: but however fascinating the songs could have been (and, let’s be honest, they aren’t especially interesting, as it turns out) it’s still unlikely they’d have surpassed the utterly bizarre sleeve image, in which a Teddy Bear in full Church of Wales regalia marries a golliwog to a doll. Dating from the 1960s, it’s hard to know if its weird innocence is subversively progressive in its acceptance of the inter-racial marital union it so happily portrays, or unintentionally racist in its reproduction of the golliwog itself. Whichever it might be, this is the kind of image you don’t see on children’s (or, indeed, any) record covers in 2011.


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