Nov 4 2011: The Many Faces of Modern Steel (Pullout from Architectural Review, March 1966)

Featured as an advertising spread in the March 1966 edition of Architectural Review magazine, the following four page fold-out was placed by the British Iron & Steel Federation, presumably to encourage and promote use of British steel products in international architecture: the emphasis here is very much on the durability, aesthetics and other qualities of the material, and the expertise of British companies in the field. Buildings in Shrewsbury, Peterborough, Welwyn Garden City and elsewhere are shown: one small image shows the UK Atomic Energy Authority Research Establishment, though probably for obvious reasons, doesn’t specify its location. All told, the pull-out catches a particular moment in archiecture and design that still looks, in many respects, very contemporary: the photographs and buildings used to illustrate the use of vitreous-enamelled steel on the third page, for example, don’t seem too far removed from many current architectural designs and projects.


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