Nov 5 2011: Eleven Advertisements for Steel, Nickel, Glass and Aluminium (from Architectural Review, March 1966)

Following yesterday’s reproduction of a four-page pull-out from the British Iron & Steel Federation, promoting the use of steel as an architectural material in 1966, here are eleven further advertisements placed by specific companies in the same magazine. Some of the buildings pictured include the Emley Moor TV mast, at that point declared Europe’s tallest construction, the Merrion Centre in Leeds (as featured in this review) and the Kensington Garden Hotel in London (which was, incidentally, the location for the 2004 interview with Kathryn Williams posted here earlier this year) with many others cropping up alongside them. These can be both real and imagined: the latter type of illustration is especially well represented in the beautiful drawing of a new town accompanying James Booth Ltd’s Duralcote Aluminium Cladding pitch, with its pastel coloured modernist buildings set harmoniously into a landscape, like a mid-sixties version of one of those famous John Piper or Paul Nash Shell Guide illustrations or London Underground posters from the 1930s or 40s.


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