Nov 15 2011: Lost City Supplement: Advertising Images from Frank Wedekind’s ‘Lulu’ Theatre Programme (Nottingham Playhouse, 1970)

As a kind of supplement to Lost City, compiled as a sideline to a residency at Nottingham Contemporary earlier this year during the Anne Collier and Jack Goldstein exhibitions, here’s a further gathering of adverts placed by mostly vanished Nottingham businesses, this time all sourced from a 1970 Nottingham Playhouse theatre programme connected to a staging of Frank Wedekind’s Lulu in that year (the cover is included below).  The adverts themselves cover hotels, restaurants and many other things, from building societies and garages to The Midland Group, with the Nottingham Greater Co-operative Society’s apple-shaped graphic and Midland Hair’s touting of its range of wigs (“Wigs are a must for the 70s go-ahead girl”, apparently) among the most striking visually. Others, while not so interesting graphically, are packed with small details that give them a certain period appeal: I particularly liked Selma’s restaurant and its pitch as “the meeting place of Nottingham’s intellectuals” (a small niche market if there ever was one), Togs boutique’s foregrounding of its Ossie Clarke range and the name of an Indian Restaurant on Alfreton Road – The Purple Elephant. The ambitions of Derby’s Blue Orchid are also admirable, as it touts for business among Nottingham’s theatre-goers despite being miles from the venue.


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