Nov 22 2011: A Selection of Random Graphics, Photographs and Other Images from M.D. Magazine (1967)

To round off the past four days’ galleries of advertising from 1967 issues of MD Magazine (the other three can be found on the following links, covering graphic, photographic and general approaches) here are a handful of ‘straggler’ images that for various reasons didn’t seem to fit elsewhere. These reasons were mainly to do with a lack of information about the specific products they were once attached to: it should be admitted that the issues of MD Magazine I found a fair while back weren’t in especially good condition, and while perfect for collage (the main reason I picked them up in the first place) this wasn’t always ideal in terms of spreads being complete, or pages undamaged. Anyway, several of these oddments, unattached as they are, seemed striking enough to be worth adding here, for my own future reference if to noone else’s interest: and if anyone out there knows what the extraordinary illustration of a girl’s face and hair above was once advertising I’d love to know. My guess, given the context, is some kind of contraceptive or hormone treatment, but its impact is so strong in a highly non-specific and general way that it might well have been produced to advertise pretty much anything at all.

2 Responses to “Nov 22 2011: A Selection of Random Graphics, Photographs and Other Images from M.D. Magazine (1967)”
  1. Marilyn Gaedtke says:

    I would like to use the image on your random graphics page (girl with red , curly hair & black eyes) for a web page that I’m creating. Do you know who owns the image, or who the illustrator is? I want to be sure everyone gets credit and that I’m not using their material without permission. Any direction you can provide, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • wayneburrows says:

      Hi Marilyn, as noted in the writing on the page, I’ve never discovered who created the illustration, so can only note that the image dates from 1967 and appeared in an advertising spread in a copy of the US based MD magazine. This seems to have been published with finance from pharmaceuticals advertising and distributed (in English and Spanish editions) to doctors and medical professionals in the United States. My understanding is that print ephemera published before 1978 without copyright notice attached may be public domain, and if your use is non-commercial it shouldn’t lead to any difficulties. The alternative for such an advertising image could be that it falls under ‘corporate authorship’ in which case permission would need to be sought for any commercial use, or that the rights in the image reverted to the illustrator if he/she retained them when delivering the commission. Obviously my own use of it here relies on the fair use clause for non-profit educational purposes, so I suppose it really depends what kind of use you had in mind – if non-commercial, I imagine you would be covered by the same Fair Use provisions. Sorry I can’t help more – and if you do find out who the illustrator is, I’d love to know (and be able to credit them) myself!

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