Nov 24 2011: A Gallery of Twenty-Nine Postcards from Modernist Argentina (Early 1970s)

As with previous galleries featured here, showing urban landscapes from Pakistan, the Soviet Union and Japan, these pages – from a leather-bound, embossed postcard book published in Argentina as a tourist souvenir in the later 1960s or early 1970s – emphasise the modernisation of the country, with a few views of historical locations embedded in much larger numbers of photographs showing dams, modernist hotels, advanced road networks and the like. It suggests that in this period, national pride was built on engineering, large scale infrastructure and the prevalence of concrete and glass in the urban landscape, as though the creators of this booklet were determined to invoke the arrival of a projected utopian Modernist future, even as it was only just beginning to manifest itself. Were all these hotels, towers and petroleum refineries seen as the space programmes of a wider civic society?


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