Dec 11 2011: Twenty Four Images from Integrated Environmental Design Brochure (Electricity Council, 1970s)

These images are all taken from a 1970s Electricity Council publication publicising a concept they call Integrated Environmental Design, or IED for short. The principle appears to be either (a) to maximise the energy efficiency of new buildings by use of such design principles as increasing natural light by use of open plan offices, locating heating systems at the core of the building and using florescent light embedded in ceilings to create higher levels of clearly illuminated space (no dark corners) or (b) to sell electricity as the energy choice to major corporate and public developments. I suppose which you decide it is would indicate your level of cynicism about the intentions of the Electricity Council in publishing the brochure at all, and the high percentage of featured examples drawn from the network of electricity boards around the country might add a third option, (c), that of showcasing its own corporate responsibility at a time of oil crisis. Perhaps what’s most interesting now is that many buildings designed around the principles set out here have subsequently been found wanting, developing the symptoms in office staff now known as ‘sick building syndrome’, among other things. Efficiency, as so often, doesn’t always prove to be a good fit with the needs of actual workers.


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