Dec 18 2011: A Selection Of Drawings from a Schoolgirl’s Portfolio (Louise Winks, 1970s)

Following yesterday’s series of landscapes from the portfolio of a 1970s schoolgirl, here we have the many drawings from the same folder, mainly (though not exclusively) of film stars like Brigitte Bardot, royals like Princesses Stephanie and Margaret, and such male heart-throbs as Robert Horton, Elvis Presley and Warren Beatty. The dating of these is slightly odd: the most recent are from around 1979 and 1981, judging by dates noted on the reverse of a few of the items included, but others refer back to dates that seem incompatible with a 1970s schoolgirl: Miss England 1960, seen above, for example, might seem to date the contents earlier, as might the makes of car seen in a couple of the drawings. I suppose two explanations offer themselves, though the first – that the folder contains work by more than one person, made at different times – doesn’t hold up, simply because the sketches are usually signed ‘Lou’ or ‘L.Winks’, and where unsigned, the style and approach of the drawings is the same as where the pages are signed. The second explanation – that the images are copied from books, magazines and other sources in a very literal way – seems far more consistent with the internal evidence. Louise presumably draws Miss England 1960 or a Ford Zephyr, Brigitte Bardot, a Jazz Fiend or a Beatnik, simply because she saw these images elsewhere (in old annuals, perhaps?) and found they caught her eye. The drawings themselves – anatomically awkward as they usually are – often have an odd quality that’s harder to define than just notice, somehow. Or would I be alone in sensing a certain existential isolation in that image of Miss England, or an unconscious discomfort with the projected adult role of this one young girl in her mispelling of a certain type of dress as a Bridle Gown?

One Response to “Dec 18 2011: A Selection Of Drawings from a Schoolgirl’s Portfolio (Louise Winks, 1970s)”
  1. brendafraser says:

    Amazing how art appreciates in interest with time.

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