Dec 20 2011: Two Holiday On Ice Flexidiscs Showing Reindeer and Busby Berkeley Style Routines (Lyntone, 1960s)

The latest advent calendar window contains two flexidiscs, issued in the 1960s as souvenirs of the Holiday on Ice shows and feature standards like Wunderbar and The Song Is You, as performed by the Jacques Laroque Orchestra with Iris Villiers as singer, in their (admittedly rather crackly and very lo-fi) grooves. If they’re lacking in audio fidelity, though, they more than make up for it with their shamelessly kitsch visuals, presumably showing scenes posed from the shows themselves. Both are formatted as postcards, and were manufactured by Lyntone, who weren’t a record label but rather the licensees of the flexidisc manufacturing process in much of Europe: their imprint appears on all kinds of commercial and popular releases, from sample discs for musical instrument makers to business speeches, magazine giveaways and – as here – marketing and souvenir items. It’s not known exactly how many releases Lyntone put out, in their time, but as they were still going in the early 1990s, the list must number in the many hundreds if not thousands, given the range. Although Lyntone are almost completely unknown, that would put their catalogue on the same level as the very biggest major record labels of the same era, so I suppose it’s hardly surprising that their releases continue to turn up in unexpected places.


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