Dec 21 2011: Angel With Candelabras Greeting Card Design (Albany Wiseman, c.1960s)

Strong later 1950s/early 1960s design here, with the black and white given additional texture by embedding much of the drawing in the single background colour. Not much information on the card itself about the illustrator or exact date, but the publication details on the reverse read Designed by Albany Wiseman, Raven 953, Made in England: it seems likely this places the drawing as the work of this topographical and landscape artist and the dates would certainly fit. Inside the card, a printed verse offers the very basic With Christmas Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year, and it’s signed Gwen and Geoff. I assume the address in Welwyn given is that of the senders rather than the designer or company. At any rate, the design here is very appealing, straddling the earlier illustrative feel of works by Edward Bawden (for instance) but carrying something of the fifties feel of Andy Warhol’s early advertising drawings and illustrations, too. I sometimes wonder how far Warhol knew the work of Bawden, given some of the similarities, or if he just drew (excuse the pun) on a more ambient ‘Bawdenesque’ style that was in the air at the time: anyone know?


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