Dec 22 2011: Four Post-War Neo-Gothic Architectural Designs by Rodney Hubbuck (1965)

Rodney Hubbuck, born in 1940, comes from the Hampshire-Sussex border. He studied at Portsmouth School of Art, Bath Academy of Art and Brighton College of Art before taking up his appointment in January as assistant art master at Bradford Grammar School. He has specialised in drawings and linocuts which mainly reflect his long-standing enthusiasm for church architecture, particularly of the Victorian period. He worked in 1961 – 62 as an architectural draughtsman for Seely and Paget; his own taste has gradually shifted from Sir Ninian Comper to James Sterling. He has written a pamphlet on the churches of Portsmouth and an unpublished volume on Sussex churches. He selected the illustrations and wrote many of the captions for Basil Clarke and John Betjeman’s British Churches (1964). The fantasy sketches reproduced here, reminiscent of H.W. Brewer’s or F.L. Griggs’s work of c.1900, follow a recent tour of the sources of Gothic in the Ile de France and Normandy… [1966]


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