Dec 23 2011: Hand-Painted Chinese Postcards Featuring a Snowman, Kite, Anthill and Frog (Undated)

These cards are each painted by hand on fabric, which is then mounted on white card inside hand-drawn borders. As they’re not signed or dated, it’s impossible to guess what date they might potentially be given, so it’ll have to be enough to just present them here with no useful information. The four here are anomalies in the set as found, since of the 15 or so cards inside the folder, only these four show subjects other than goldfish. That one includes a snowman in its scene, however, offers a good enough reason to include them all in this advent calendar series, though there’s no obvious link between the postcards and more conventional European or American seasonal greetings: it seems likely they were instead produced in huge numbers for sale as postcards of a more general sort, all year round. The snowman featured above also appears to be closely modelled on the traditional image of the laughing Buddha rather than anything explicitly Christmas related, though I don’t know if that scene, or any of the others here, refers to a particular story, folktale or rhyme: perhaps the sort often utilised by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate to create the songs and stories in their own idiosyncratic children’s TV animations back in the sixties and seventies. Perhaps someone knows?

One Response to “Dec 23 2011: Hand-Painted Chinese Postcards Featuring a Snowman, Kite, Anthill and Frog (Undated)”
  1. jainmckay says:

    I love these, beautiful


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