Dec 24 2011: An Envelope Containing a Small Robin Postcard, Originally Mailed in Nottingham (1950)

An envelope mailed to the village of Papplewick from an unknown area of Nottingham on December 18, 1950, containing a small, entirely blank, postcard showing a robin perched on a twig with a worm in its beak. Dating from before the conception of Alan Sillitoe’s Arthur Seaton, before the current Queen took the throne, before Alma Cogan, even (never mind Elvis or the Beatles), in short, before much we understand to be the post-war world had essentially taken shape in the culture, we are here, at the point when this postcard was first stamped, just beginning to anticipate the Festival of Britain which will be taking place next summer (perhaps). As we enter the final stages of 2011, similar shifts are afoot. Whether these will result in changes for better or worse remains something of an open question right now, as it probably seemed in 1950, but, as then, the deciding factor in that equation will be our own choices and actions. In the meantime, while we watch and try to influence the events that are continuing to unfold, on many contradictory and unexpected fronts at once, let’s just enjoy this robin on its painted twig. For today, anyway. Tomorrow, everything might change, again.


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