Dec 27 2011: Pat Leonard as Robin Hood in Pantomime (Location Unknown, probably 1950s)

I’ve no idea who Pat Leonard was (though I think we can safely assume she’s the lady in the feathered cap and tights in the picture) nor are there any clues as to when the photograph was taken, though the make up and hairstyle suggest sometime in the later 1940s or early 1950s. My assumption would be that the picture was taken as a foyer display shot for whatever theatre the performance in which Ms Leonard played Robin Hood took place at, and the hand-made nature of the thing implies a low-budget rep or amateur production. Since the subject is Nottingham’s own outlaw, and the picture turned up here, perhaps it’s likely that Ms Leonard was local and the performance took place here, but there’s no real way of knowing that for certain. Whatever the circumstances or origins of this image, it’s fair to say that Pat makes a fine Robin, and acts as a useful complement to her 1970s counterpart on the cover of a Hot Hits LP in the early 70s, as featured here a month or so back, and her message remains pretty relevant even (perhaps especially) as we begin to align ourselves for the descent and touchdown into 2012.


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