Dec 28 2011: Welcome Aboard! Air New Zealand Jet Prop Electra (Air New Zealand, c.1960s)

Back in my childhood, no sooner was the Christmas Dinner on the table and the afternoon Bond film starting than the advertising switched from Santa Claus, gift ideas and the heavy marketing of perfumes to entire commercial breaks consisting of scenes filmed on sun-kissed beaches where families in bathing suits splashed around in crystalline blue seas beneath descriptions of how much we’d save if we booked our summer holiday on Boxing Day. Since the TV doesn’t much figure in the seasonal celebrations these days I’m not sure if the holiday firms still do this, though I’m told the adverts for January Sales (especially at massive furniture warehouses to be found mainly off obscure junctions of Britain’s motorway system) appear to still be going strong, so it seems quite likely they do. Anyway, in that spirit, in the immediate post-Christmas period, we intend to pay tribute to this hard-selling tradition by inviting you aboard a Jet Prop Electra courtesy of Air New Zealand at some unspecified point in the 1960s, by way of the small portal opened by this on board information brochure. We hope you’ll have a relaxing flight.

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