Dec 29 2011: Ten Photographs and One Map from Fly Qantas to Hong Kong (Qantas Airlines, c.1964)

Following yesterday’s New Zealand Airlines onboard flight information brochure, today we have a series of photographs (and a map) from a Qantas Airlines promotional booklet of the mid-1960s showing the attractions of Hong Kong as a tourist destination. As ever with material made in this period, the modernity of the bright new Post War world is emphasised over the more historic aspects of the place being sold, perhaps because at this stage (around 1964) memories of being at war made more overtly oriental imagery less effective than it would have been earlier, and became again later in the century (the tendency to sell heritage over modernity seems to have resumed in the 1970s, and accelerated through the 1980s and 1990s). In their own way, the modernist images presented here now seem more exotic, even to the Western eyes that created this world in its own image, than the heavily exploited heritage angles pursued in the later years of the twentieth century.


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