Dec 30 2011: A Selection of Advertising Images from The Sydney Tourist Guide (May 1971)

Planning a trip to Sydney? Well, these adverts from a May 1971 issue of the weekly Sydney Tourist Guide might be able to help, if you’re going just over forty years ago, with their attractions ranging from strip clubs and Barrie Humphreys live to Kangaroo coats, native artifacts and the ‘only floating restaurant in Australia’. Interesting to note how the concept of luxury shifts, too: here, the attractions of Italian food and the steak loom large, alongside exotica bars on South Seas themes, presumably held over from their 1950s Polynesian Pop heyday. Another odd set of what must have been highly-marketable experiences in 1971 is the mix found here of German Beer Kellers and skyscraper resturants, risque music hall and trad jazz nights, real fur coats (with kangaroo skin apparently rather popular among visitors) and Church mission societies selling Aboriginal and other South Pacific artifacts and artifacts. All in all, it’s an intriguing example of the way the mundane classifieds can become a rich source of cultural archaeology many decades after their currency passes by and the businesses themselves pass largely into fading memory.


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