Jan 31 2012: Forty Further Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Following yesterday’s first forty advertising pages from a handful of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine, featuring a mix of obscure defence contractors and household names in domestic electronics, a similar pattern is seen here, as we encounter Ericsson, General Electric and AEG-Telefunken in somewhat darker than usual manifestations, with Electrolux expecially unsettling in this context, having transformed … Continue reading

Jan 30 2012: Forty Electronics and Armaments Advertisements from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

Yesterday’s gallery of photographs from a small range of 1982 issues of Military Technology magazine highlighted the industrial premises, various personnel (mainly marketing, finance and management) within the companies featured, and much imagery showing the research and development processes undertaken by businesses like Plessey, Signaal and Racal, among others. In these first forty advertisements from the … Continue reading

Jan 29 2012: Thirty Five Photographs from Military Technology Magazine (1982)

In 1982, when the issues of Military Technology magazine from which these images were scanned appeared, the traditional manufacturing of the UK and elsewhere was being allowed to decline steeply, while the kinds of manufacturing seen here – generally of electronic and automated systems for military applications – was receiving a very large boost in … Continue reading

Jan 28 2012: Before Urbanisation: Forty-Two Photographs from The World Reader (c.1910)

A set of forty-two postcard-sized hand-coloured photographs from The World Reader, a book aimed at schoolchildren to educate them in the nature of agriculture, business and industry both within the British Empire and in places outside it. Although very badly damaged and missing many pages, the book itself is built as a kind of geographical … Continue reading

Jan 27 2012: Colour Photograph of an Unknown Woman in a Caravan with a Portable Television (c.1970s)

I’m not sure what it is, exactly, about photographs in which televisions appear that seems so compelling: perhaps it’s the conjunction of different layers of reality inside the single frame, as everyday life can be seen coming into collision with something fantastical or other or – as here – where the woman making tea coincides … Continue reading

Jan 26 2012: Guillaume Apollinaire, Poet of Mystification (from M.D. Magazine, March 1967)

Not much to add to this anonymously authored article on the life and work of the French modernist poet (arguably the primary initiator of Modernist poetics in France) Guillaume Apollinaire, whose Calligrammes, Alcools, Zone and other works proved key to the twentieth century’s future development and remain essential reading to anyone interested in the possibilities of poetry itself, … Continue reading

Photocanopy: Three Photographers in the National Forest (2014)

You might expect the boundary of a forest to be clearly visible, marked by the point where trees thin out into grass and open ground, but in the case of the National Forest, which occupies an area of around 200 square miles and spans the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire, you’d be mistaken. Of … Continue reading

Jan 24 2012: Fifteen Monochrome Snapshots from the Nottingham Jazz and Beat Scene (c.1960s)

All I know for sure about this series of images is that the photographs were framed when found (at the Sneinton Cattle market a week or so ago: one or two show fading where the mounts overlapped the images themselves) and all seem to have been part of a wider gathering of pictures relating to … Continue reading

Jan 23 2012: A Gallery of Forty-Seven Images from an ABC of Space (ITV Publications, 1969)

Published in advance of the Moon Landings in 1969, this annual-style book (a tie-in with the ITV childrens’ programme Magpie written by ITN’s science editor Peter Fairley with a brief introduction from one of the show’s presenters, Pete Brady) covers the ongoing story of the space programme using the device of an A to Z to cover … Continue reading

Jan 22 2012: Five Monochrome Snapshots from a Butlin’s Holiday Camp (1960s)

A previous post looked at the delights to be experienced at one of Fred Pontin’s holiday camps, as seen through the brochure the company published to keep guests informed about events and schedules – and the products on offer from a variety of advertisers, naturally – during the week they’d be spending at the Broadreeds camp in Selsey-on-Sea, sometime during 1967, while … Continue reading