Jan 11 2012: Forty-Two Advertisements from Nottingham Observer Magazine (October 1966)

The latest selection of Nottingham advertisements, taken this time from the Nottingham Observer‘s issue of October 1966, beats a bit of a retreat from the 1980s represented in the last batch and finds itself in a world where a riverside flat in West Bridgford cost under £300 a year to rent, a ‘French Chateau style’ bungalow in Lamcote Park is sixteen grand, and is, well, a bungalow with a turret stuck on the side (albeit one with its own woodland), and where no fewer than three different undertakers jostle for trade among the (presumably rather wealthy and ageing) readers of the journal. That suggests the Nottingham Observer was aimed at the more conservative element in the city and county’s demographic, a notion supported by many of the articles (ranging from a defence of public schools to society wedding spreads and a consumer feature on buying furs) and underlined by the quantity of adverts for Scottish woollen clothes, holidays in the Bahamas and pricey (for the time) watches and jewellery (come to that, the £145 asking price of that Omega sounds a bit steep to me even in 2011, but this might be why I don’t own a watch). Clearly, the magazine thought of itself as the county’s answer to Tatler,  but once the softened edges of the black and white photography and the faint aroma of sixties style are removed, in some ways it’s little more than a slightly upmarket version of those glossy magazines that used to litter the bars of Hockley during the noughties boom years, filled with vast arrays of tiny pictures showing gurning off-duty solicitors and estate agents clutching pricey cocktails at the openings of long-forgotten bars before they all headed back to Rushcliffe, under the illusion that they were somehow living the high life. Four years into the most profound economic collapse since 1929, few of those are still hanging about, but variations on the Nottingham Observer are certainly still in circulation. Some money is just rather less susceptible to these things.

One Response to “Jan 11 2012: Forty-Two Advertisements from Nottingham Observer Magazine (October 1966)”
  1. Gold Leaf. Always my favourite cigarette. Much easier to give up once they stopped making them.

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