Jan 12 2012: Nine Photographs Showing Clouds, Light and Landscapes Taken Through The Windows of a Moving Train (c.2006)

Writing on trains has been an activity that has led to various pieces of finished work, including one in the Emblems chapbook of 2009, published by Shoestring Press, and this as yet unplaced meditation on the experience of listening to the Ghost Box release As The Crow Flies by The Advisory Circle en route from Nottingham to London during the autumn of last year. I can’t recall very much, or at least very much exactly, about the decision to make this variation on the theme, in which a digital camera was pointed randomly through the window of a moving train at irregular intervals to catch glimpses of light, cloud and agricultural landscapes, but I think it was done sometime around 2006. The sheet of contact print-outs surfaced during a recent clear out of papers, and the ink has evidently acquired some dust and discoloured slightly since it was made. Utterly ephemeral, there’s something intriguing about photographs of clouds: generally, they never really occur again in the same permutations of light, colour and form. Here are nine such permutations, preserved more by accident than design for posterity, interrupted here and there by low-level reflections and entirely without significance.


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