Feb 3 2012: Advertising Photography and Graphics for Expamet Dryspan Ceilings (c.1967)

I think Expamet Dryspan Ceilings were a contract firm working mainly on installations for architects rather than a domestic or DIY product, but this fold-out A4 sized colour brochure includes both some inventive period typography and an array of full colour pictures showcasing the end results of their work in several settings, two domestic interiors (not far removed in their styling from those featured in Gerd & Ursula Hatje’s Design for Modern Living in 1962, a book whose general aesthetic, if not its specific pages, seems to have influenced Richard Hamilton over the following year or two) and one new or refurbished schoolroom, where a French lesson appears to be in progress. The brochure is of a similar vintage to the advertising already featured here from Architectural Review magazine in March 1966 and its intended audience was presumably a similar professional and trade readership which could be expected to have access to commissioning budgets on developments in both the private and public realms at the time.


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