Feb 8 2012: A Gallery of Thirty-Six Architectural Photographs Covering a Range of Styles (2006 – 2011)

There’s no real thread connecting these thirty-six colour photographs other than the fact that they all come from folders on my computer, where they’ve been sitting since they were taken, and the fact that each depicts a building or quasi architectural structure of some kind that has caught my eye and seemed worth documenting for future reference. The period covered runs from about 2006 to 2011 and the locations range from very local (the Aerborn building, a former cinema, is on Sneinton Dale, a few hundred yards from my house – or I should say, was on Sneinton Dale, as it was demolished during 2010) to moderately far flung: Greece, Budapest, Prague and Berlin, among others. Most are not especially well known, though a few are heritage sites of various kinds, and perhaps the purpose of gathering them here is simply to draw attention to some interesting but sometimes slightly undersung or overlooked buildings. Perhaps that’s all the justification needed.


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