Feb 9 2012: A Gallery of Twenty-Two Still Life Photographs from the Radford Reclaim Yard (2010)

After yesterday’s series of buildings, scattered around various bits of Europe I’ve happened to visit over the past five years or so, a more localised gallery of still lives from the Radford Reclaim Yard in Nottingham, taken during the Summer of 2010 or thereabouts. Under the rust and sense of accumulated historical junk is something poignant in objects rendered obsolete by even relatively short spans of time, the signs of wear that denote the lives these things might once have been part of, and a more general sense of the location as a huge, commercially driven wunderkammer where old pub signs and cigarette machines from the 1950s meet framed reproductions from the 1920s, rows of painted Victorian panelled doors meet garden ornaments and sewing machines, and random fragments stripped from electrical systems coincide with stained glass windows removed from Edwardian suburban houses. That this strangely ramshackle museum changes its exhibits constantly (unlike the equally chaotic Calke Abbey, featured in an earlier post) makes this documentation of its appearance in 2010 as obsolete, in its own way, as the arbitrarily hoarded things whose presence in a variety of sheds and open spaces these images preserve.


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