Feb 12 2012: The Apple Sequence and a Goat That Blows Raspberries: Stonebridge City Farm (2012)

Earlier today we went over to Stonebridge City Farm in the inner city St Ann’s area of Nottingham, mainly to drop off a box of copies of The Apple Sequence to be sold at the farm’s on-site shop in order to raise some money for the continued running of what is (by any measure) an extraordinary presence in the middle of an otherwise urban area: where else can you watch chickens, cows, pigs and sheep grazing, then look up to see trees and vegetable patches bordering an estate where a Tupac mural seems to peer back at you through a fence? The day we went along, a miniature Shetland pony had appeared in one paddock, turkeys were perched on fences and the farm’s notorious goat – prone to stick its tongue out and blow raspberries when you approach it – was behaving as eccentrically as ever. Even in the snow and frost that had driven most of the livestock into warmer places indoors there were still plenty of animals roaming around, and come spring the gardens will be full of vegetables, herbs, fruit and other greenery, much of which will be sold through the farm shop and in the food served in the on-site cafe, open from 10am daily. The Apple Sequence, meanwhile, will be sold in the shop and proceeds from all copies bought at Stonebridge will go direct to helping fund the continued running of the farm itself. It’s definitely a place worth visiting if you’re in the area: their details, alongside programmes of events, workshops and other activities are all on the website, or you can follow them via Facebook.


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