Feb 20 2012: Sixteen Circuit Wiring Diagrams From Science Fun Experiments in Electronics by Hanna Hock (Logix-Kosmos, 1973)

The cover and sixteen circuit diagrams here are all taken from Science Fun Experiments in Electronics, a sort of manual written by Hanna Hock for a Logix-Kosmos publication of 1973 in which the workings of a variety of electronic devices are explained alongside instructions in how to create your own versions at home: from police car flashing lights to electronic metronomes, moisture detectors for plant pots to morse code senders, from a lie detector to a timer. Each suggested project implies an application of electronics that will, in some way, increase control of the world around the nascent inventor: a series of spying tools and mechanisms that together automate many different aspects of housework and play. It’s the diagrams themselves that intrigue me most, though, since when looked at in sequence, in any order you might choose, they take on a very strongly abstract quality, like a series of constructivist graphics offering themes and variations on the basic structure of a grid form, the basic square overwritten with what might seem very like phrases in a language that might be utterly transparent – understood as an alphabet of transistors, connections and wires to be soldered together in these permutations so that precise effects can be generated – or every bit as opaque as Etruscan, or the heiroglyphs of Ancient Egypt before the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

4 Responses to “Feb 20 2012: Sixteen Circuit Wiring Diagrams From Science Fun Experiments in Electronics by Hanna Hock (Logix-Kosmos, 1973)”
  1. Wendy Sturton says:

    I translated this manual from the original German into English in the early seventies and worked as part of a team on the cover. I physically laid out the pages using an exacto knife, glue and a light box. The diagrams were designed as a guide for placing electronic “parts” on a kind of primitive motherboard, all contained in the accompanying kit. It’s really interesting for me to see how this manual occasionally resurfaces on the net in one context or another, and this is one of the most interesting contexts!

    • James Susong says:

      I received the Science Fun Experiments in Radio Technology (similar to the one shown here) in the mid 70’s when I was about twelve years old. It was a Christmas present from my grandparents and I went on to build every experiment during that particular holiday break. The kit ignited my interest in electronics so much that I later earned an Electrical Engineering degree. Thank you for your contribution to this wonderful educational tool.

      P.S. Please let me know if you know where I can find the Science Fun Experiments in Radio Technology kit I would enjoy building the experiments again.

      Best regards,
      J. Susong

  2. JACKIE ASKREN says:


    I have a LOGIX/KOSMOS MECHANICS KIT that has French printing on it. I have had this since the 1970’s. This has only been opened to take a photo.

    Is there any way that I can send you a picture of what I have so you can maybe tell me if this is a rare item? I cannot find what I have on any website.

    Please let me know if I cansend you a picture of what I have.

    Thank you

    Jackie Askren

    • wayneburrows says:

      Hi Jackie –

      I’m afraid I have no idea, as I only ever had the booklet but have never seen the set. I imagine that if it’s complete and in good condition it would be fairly rare, as most things like this were played with, bits lost and broken, etc, so I’m sure it would be of interest to someone – but whether the relative rarity translates to a value, I don’t know!


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