Feb 21 2012: The Cimex Invasion: Top Secret (Cimex Industrial Marketing 45, 1960s)

I don’t know if the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (or, at least, one of its associates) was involved in the making of the various electronic sounds that feature on this undated (probably mid to late 1960s) promotional 45 for an industrial cleaning company, but the sounds it uses certainly fit the template established by the likes of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire, as used on BBC radio and television at the same time as this was being recorded. The 45 itself is a plain-sleeved black vinyl 7″ whose a-side features a kind of Science Fiction warning to dust, dirt and bacteria about the invasion of new, super-efficient Cimex cleaning machines coming soon to your workplace, office or factory, while the reverse – labelled as not to be played – features a single continuous test-tone. No information on who the voice-over artist might have been, who created the sounds, or when the thing was made, is included. More unusually, there’s nothing to tell you, as a potential customer, how you might contact Cimex themselves, either. This suggests either that the 45 was distributed with a handout or printed sleeve that has long since parted from the record and been lost (has anyone seen a copy with a picture sleeve, or the ‘enclosed enquiry card’ mentioned near the end?) or perhaps that it was intended to be circulated to radio stations for play during advertising breaks. In fact, after looking at the scans of the record’s labels above and below, and listening to the contents of the a-side on this link, you’ll know pretty much everything I do myself about this one.

Listen here: The Cimex Invasion: Top Secret (3m 41s)


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