Mar 7 2012: Five Portraits Featuring an Unknown Dark-Haired Woman (c.1970s)

Ahead of a planned gallery of portraits to mark International Womens’ Day, I noticed that this particular lady turned up in several of the photographs I’d set aside to scan, creating her own sub-group of pictures within the larger group of female photographs: the odd thing is that I don’t recall these arriving together, or being found within a single group of images, but instead taken from several different batches of pictures I’d picked up over the last year or two. I’d noted that two portraits seemed to be of the same person (and taken around the same time) but only yesterday relaised that she’d appeared in no fewer than five distinct pictures, taken over a period that seems to run from around the later 1960s to April 1974. Perhaps it’s just a case of a single collection featuring her having been dispersed, and I’d been unconsciously reassembling it, or perhaps she herself crossed several different people’s albums. Whoever she is, it’s intriguing that she should keep appearing – like Woody Allen’s Zelig – in the pictures I took from the randomly assembled box yesterday…


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