Mar 8 2012: Twenty-One Random Snapshots of Unknown Women (c.1910s – 1970s)

Since March 8th is designated International Womens’ Day by the Fawcett Society, it seems kind of appropriate to simply gather here a whole bunch of snapshots – ranging in date from the early twentieth century to the 1970s – united only by being portraits of women, either individually or in groups, in youth or age, and in settings that range from back yards to sports fields, interiors to vast outdoor spaces, and in roles ranging from the traditional ones of motherhood and domestic life to all kinds of less easily categorised and defined moments in their ongoing lives. I don’t know who any of these women are, only that each image somehow catches the glint of light from some single facet of the broader subject of how women were during the period covered by the 21 photographs seen here. From coy bridesmaids to mothers relishing comics, gypsy-costumed tambourine players and tourists to pub denizens, bathers and the kinds of women D.H. Lawrence and Sylvia Townsend Warner might have known and written about, this is nothing more or less than a random slice through a lot of personalities and possibilities, none of whom are (to my knowledge, anyway) remotely likely to be celebrated or seen elsewhere. Which seems a perfectly adequate reason to feature them all here, I suppose.


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