Apr 2 2012: Seventeen Varieties Of Tents Named After British Birds (from Bukta Campedia Catalogue, 1960)

A 1960 edition of the Bukta Campedia – a sort of general catalogue of camping equipment – manages a certain poetry in its adoption of the common names of British birds for its various models of tent, here presented in a hand drawn format, their variations on the temporary architectural theme united by being coloured in orange. The result looks like a plan for some previously unknown minimalist series of artworks, of the sort that Sol LeWitt or Carl Andre might have devised. Perhaps more than this, the odd combination of constructivist formal logic, linguistic nature poetry and nostalgic illustrative style seen in the Bukta Campedia of 1960 is in many ways like a template for the 60s works of Scottish Concrete Poet and visual artist Ian Hamilton Finlay.


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