Apr 16 2012: Eight Kitsch Dream Images by Salvador Dali (Coronet Magazine, 1950)


Coronet magazine seems to have been, in format and approach, an attempt to imitate the success of Reader’s Digest. In among its pages of amusing anecdotes, abridged stories and other human interest material fairly typical of its time, however, are some intriguing advertisements and a definite curveball, given the journal’s otherwise rather conservative idiom, in the appearance of a picture feature drawn by none other than Salvador Dali, who presents us with a sequence of ‘dream images’. Of course, by this date, Dali was pretty conservative himself, his subversive surrealist days long behind him as he played up the contrived tics of his increasingly theatrical eccentricity for anyone who would pay. Still, these are early enough to carry at least a little of the gusto of his old draughtmanship, if nothing even remotely unsettling or especially surprising. These are certainly wandering into kitsch, then – but their kitsch is still at a stage where it is interesting in its own right.


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