Apr 28 2012: Monochrome Photograph of an Unidentified Yugoslav Sculptor with Bust of Tito and Child (c.1970s)

As a kind of brief aside to yesterday’s catalogue of monuments and sculptures from the former Yugoslavia, this small monochrome photograph offers a portrait of a sculptor from the same era and country, as found in the pages of the Treasures of Yugoslavia volume itself. Presumably dating from the same era, to judge by the child’s dungarees and the approximate age of the sculpture’s subject, as that 1980 publication, the photograph is not marked or identified in any way, so it’s impossible to say who the sculptor posing beside his work with a small child might be. The sculpture itself appears to be a marble carving of Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia at the time, suggesting that this is a rather more conventional artist than those seen in yesterday’s gallery, but also one who was clearly favoured under the regime, and so, presumably, someone whose picture would be known to those better acquainted than I am with the country’s post-war roster of official and semi-official sculptors. If anyone knows who he is and can give the subject of this photograph a name, it would be intriguing to find out more about him.


2 Responses to “Apr 28 2012: Monochrome Photograph of an Unidentified Yugoslav Sculptor with Bust of Tito and Child (c.1970s)”
  1. Marijan Desin says:

    The sculptor’s name is Marijan Kocković with his older son Maro who is a friend of mine.

    • wayneburrows says:

      Thank you for the information – was interested in looking up the man and some of his other works but still hadn’t managed to find out who he was!

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