Apr 30 2012: Ten Colour Interiors from Curtains Make The Room (Rufflette Limited, 1960s)

One year on from its beginnings, this gallery of plates from a 1960s curtain catalogue, produced by the marvellously-named Rufflette Limited to advertise its varied designs, brings The Serendipity Project to its conclusion. Since May 1st 2011 every day has seen an image, gallery, sound-file or some other thing (hopefully something of interest) archived here: often anything up to sixty images in a single gallery. Initially growing out of the Nottingham Contemporary residency‘s scrapbook section in April 2011, and partly inspired by the 365 Days Project run by Ubuweb in both 2003 and 2007, the limit to one year was always designed partly as an end-point, to make the project manageable, and partly as a personal challenge. This final gallery is the 366th entry – one more than anticipated owing to there having been a February 29 in the 2012 leap year – and (somewhat fortuitously) now rather literally draws the curtain on itself. I may periodically update some older entries, or replace certain entries with new material whenever a combination of dated existing content and  images I want to archive happen to coincide in future, but this will be ad hoc. In the meantime, the Rufflette curtains fall on the project, and leave behind what will hopefully remain a useful and interesting archive of random found material, some of which will find its way into works by the fictional artist Robert Holcombe, and more of which will no doubt find its way into other works in the future.


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